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doomsdayy replied to your post: Even if I ship Robin/Regina, damn, I’m…

it makes me so mad that people calling her a bitch because she called regina ‘monster’, like really? are we watching the same show?

Like for real

try to imagine the trauma for this woman

  • she had lost her family…

Just stop I don’t wanna hear it
Everyone has their own damn opinion, ok?


animal crossing birthday cake (by nerdy nummies)

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Hunters Shouldn't Be Afraid of Scary Movies


Request: Hi! Can you do a Sam imagine where the reader hunts with them but she’s afraid of scary movies, so the boys make her watch one and she jumps at everything and eventually buries her face in Sam’s chest and he holds her?

A/N: Disclosure, I have never actually seen Texas Chainsaw…


hogwarts yearbooks | year one



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Request: Hi! Can you write a Sam imagine where the reader has a nightmare and Sam comes into her room to comfort her and they end up falling asleep together and wake up cuddling?

You woke up screaming, like you had several nights before. You had been experiencing more and more in depth…



And imagine if he is your guardian angel teamfreewillimagines lol


hogwarts yearbooks | year one


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Head Rush


Could you do a oneshot where the reader gets a nosebleed during a hunt and the boys start freaking out thinking she got hurt, and the reader is just like “Stahp.” requested by anon

ahhhh yes, I love parent!Winchester’s.
when they’re all concerned over someone
and want to take care of them

Supernatural One-Shot (Sam)


You and Sam decided to go out to a bar and have a drink, seeing as how you had both finished a case and were bored. Dean couldn’t come because he wasn’t feeling well after eating what was a bad McDonald’s burger.

You both stepped in, the warm air hitting your face a much better change than the…

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