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Once upon a first kiss

(in which ladies start it.)


OMG! I just saw this commercial and nearly died! Someone needs to send these candles to Emma Swan, ASAP!!


There is no evil witches…just another domestic day in the life of TLK couples…the only trouble brewing is who will be Charming’s bridge partner.


Once upon a Time meme » five Quotes [2/5]

"You're going to pretend everyone doesn't see the yearning looks and doe-y eyes? don’t yearn.


And once again, it is confirmed…


And once again, it is confirmed…

// Dear ABC…//


You know…

if you want to…

you can totally release an early sneak peek….

Only if you want to…

Just sayin’…

We wouldn’t mind at all….

Feel free to…


I was just looking at Emma in that blue shirt the other night — she looked SO beautiful in that color and I don’t know, she was just glowing. I know different colors kind of signify what type of mood you’re in so I looked up blue and the google answer gave me feels. 

Blue is the color of the sky and sea. It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith & trust.



tiny wee bit — spoilers for Snow Drifts (3x21)

They both hide behind a tree, only their head peeking out from being the trunk, his slightly above hers – Emma feels like she’s in one of those children’s mystery novels she used to read as a kid, full of problems to solve and courageous characters. Only the mystery here is a little more serious, verging more on Back to the Future than Nancy Drew at this point.

She feels they’ve been waiting for hours when she suddenly hears a feminine scream in the distance, and she stands a bit straighter against Killian’s chest, almost hopping up and down with excitation. The pirate’s chuckle, low and deep, is his only reply to her antics.

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Anonymous asked: Do you think we will get an emma/hook kiss next week? Judging from the promo it looks like Zelena will have Henry and use him as leverage. And if I remember correctly, when filming was going they said the crew or someone was talking about a captain swan kiss happening. Could it be a tlk?


I do think a kiss is going to happen next week, honestly. So, basically, we know from the press release that Zelena does hold Henry prisoner until Emma and Hook kiss and Emma’s powers are drained. We also know from this past episode that Emma’s magic has a white aura. If you look at the promo when Zelena is choke-holding Henry, you see a white aura surround them and Zelena shriek in pain:

It’s possible Emma and Hook kiss and it turns out to be a tlk, causing that magic to overpower Zelena’s curse. That, or Emma and Regina try rescuing Henry at this point with magic and that’s what causes the aura. :)

That last part about the two options were what I thought was going to happen also

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