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I stare at this moment of the kiss scene for an extremely long time, for multiple reasons.

1. Emma is holding on to his collar so hard, and she follows his face with hers for a while before she says it’s a “Once time thing”.  Her body want’s to keep going, but her mind is like “back away girl, not now”

2. Killian is so not done.  Look at him. Totally captivated by her.  He even opens his mouth back up and moves in for more kisses, he wants to keep going so bad, he’s just staring at her lips.  Intense staring. Then he closes his eyes again just hoping her lips will come to his again.  He doesn’t want this moment to ever end, it was just all too amazing.  She’s too amazing.

My. God.


It’s just hard to put into words the intensity of feelings that I have for CS. The only way I can really think to describe it is that they make me believe in beautiful things.  And I truly don’t understand how anyone can straight up hate the ship.  Don’t ship it, fine.  But how can you hate something that’s rooted so firmly in hope and redemption and love?

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// I have stretch marks.//


Reblog if you do too. Just to prove that it is more normal than what people actually think.

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I wish there was a paper version of all these amazing Captain Swan fic, so I could read them all at once in this awesome book, and wouldn’t have to read uncomfortably on my phone or on my computer. Wouldn’t need wi-fi If i wanted to go read outside. That would be awesone.


NO matter what you ship,who you ship OR EVEN if you ship can we please collectively agree that Zelena is stalker level 10 and creepy as hell.



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This is all I want from my ships. Why is this so hard to accomplish?

Lol😂 we all feel this way



This is all I want from my ships. Why is this so hard to accomplish?

Lol😂 we all feel this way

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Anonymous asked: Do you think there's a chance that Emma found out about the curse? Those new pictures make me lean towards yes. I mean, I didn't expect him to be alone with her so soon. And with books spread infront of them, it could do with the Cora thing, but it could also be them researching about curses. It's a slim chance I know. But worth considering.


It’s possible, but I would think that he wouldn’t tell Emma right away…I think he confides to Charming first.  At least that’s what I’d like to see.  Then again, maybe Killian will tell her almost right away…especially if he senses her opening up to him more.  The last thing he’d want to do is be another man that’s let her down…honesty is important to Emma and he knows that.  So, who knows?  Only have three more days to find out!


Once Upon a Time is awesome when it comes to using parallels.  3B started out with monkey by Walsh proposing to Emma and during the hiatus, we learned that a couple would be marrying later this season. We’re four episodes before the season finale and now, looking at the direction of the show and where the story is going,  I think I know who’s likely to get hitched.

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